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The latest in Compressed Air Motor technology...

    Blue Earth Technology, LLC supports alternative energy solutions by offer of a Compressed Air Motor for industrial and mobile applications. This innovative PATENTED design offers a mechanical advantage not found in current methods.



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This compressed air motor is a viable alternative to gasoline engines and electric motors in many applications.  Straight-line motion converted into rotary motion is an improvement in current air motor designs.

  • conveyor systems - packaging warehouses; material handling
  • food service - all stainless steel construction; ideal for wash down and clean room applications
  • underwater service - fully submersible 
  • robotics - offering programmable continuous 360 degree motion or indexing; start and stop
  • fans - variable climate control; inlet and exhaust applications
  • mining - spark free operation; hazardous environment
  • power generation - energy storage and conversion; reserve electric power
  • mobile applications - powered vehicles; wheelchairs, golf carts, mopeds, motorbike, automobile.

Air motor operation is achieved with fixed or programmable electronic valves, mechanical valves or operated 100% pneumatically with no wires or external power supply.

    Compressed fluid motor, and compressed fluid powered vehicle
Application number US2013/030327206 filed March 5, 2013
US Patent 9,435,202 granted on September 06, 2016

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