Compressed Air Motor

Is there a better way to move our world...

Public awareness and recent legislation has brought upon a need for a clean and environmentally responsible motor technology. Fuel burning engines are designed to consume refined fossil fuels but still produce unhealthy emissions. Higher fuel costs and maintenance costs are now associated with fuel burning engines. 

Electric motors are efficient but use large amounts of power for continuous usage. The limiting factor appears to be the storage of heavy battery cells for mobile applications. Recharging requires hours and the range of travel does not allow for extended distances. The spent storage batteries are a potential hazard to the environment if not disposed of properly. High expenses associated with constant recharging, maintenance and eventual battery replacement would be required. An alternative motor is required because of these shortcomings in current technology.

We are developing a clean air motor solution...

Blue Earth Technology LLC independently designed, prototyped and tested a motor that operates on clean compressed air. This compressed air motor is a viable alternative to electric motors and gasoline engines. Suitable for stationary and mobile applications. US patent 8,640,450 granted on Feb. 04, 2014

We are pleased to announce a partnership with Fluid Power Assembly Corp. of St. Marys, Ohio.  Two (2) golf carts have been adapted with this technology for demonstration.  US patent 9,435,202 granted on Sept. 06, 2016.

Inquiries are welcomed. 

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