Business partnership success story...

It was an important day for us to have called Mr. Dennis Wells CEO of Swing Blade Skateboards LLC.  As the Inventor of this skateboard Mr. Wells was granted a design patent and utility patent after building prototypes for proof of concept. US patent 9,186,570 B1 granted on Nov. 17, 2015

"A first in skateboard technology (SBS direct drive system) allows the rider to pump out power to travel on flat, down or uphill surfaces while your feet are always on the board!"  The synchronized belt with gear toothed casters allow the rider to "Swing" left-to-right then right-to-left on the deck and effectively makes the skateboard roll forward.  This perfected design makes the skateboard self-propelled!

The project involved completing the final design, find an investor and establish a manufacturer for long term production.  Blue Earth Technology supported Mr. Wells through every step.

Many tireless nights and early morning phone meetings but we accomplished our task at a brisk pace.  Six (6) months later and we have an investor, a manufacturer and are currently in production!  Very exciting for us to be a part of this successful project!

Please visit Swing Blade Skateboards LLC for purchasing information. 

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